Individual modules of controlled atmosphere

A revolutionary process for fruits conservation, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms

Principles of the Controlled Atmosphere (CA) with  Janny MT module

The Janny MT module is made up of a rigid plastic box and a Tiempo Cap lid. They form an individual module of 610 litres (or 430 litres) inside which fruits, or vegetables, or flowers or mushrooms are stored in a controlled atmosphere.

The passive diffusion of gas through the membrane of the lid creates an optimised atmosphere in the Janny MT module that is capable of satisfying the preservation standards for fruit, or vegetable, or flower or mushroom and extending the preservation time period.

Inside the Janny MT modules the atmosphere is natural, there is no added gas required. The atmosphere is stabilised by the breathing of the fruit, or vegetable, or flower or mushroom and by passive diffusion through the membrane.

The drop in the level of oxygen and the increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the Janny MT module are regulated by the membrane. Long term storage is now possible inside a traditional cold room.

Each unit is independent and the Janny MT modules can be stacked.

When the lid of the Tiempo Cap is closed, the hygrometry inside the module remains high (close to 100%), thus avoiding significant losses in weight. This is a fundamental aspect to keep fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms fresh. With the Janny MT module, fruits keep all of their turgescence by example (apples lose less than 1.5% in weight after 6 months of storage).

For successful storage:

Stages of use:

1 - The product is harvested at a stage of ripening appropriate for long storage, respecting the quality of the Controlled Atmosphere.

2 - Once the product has been picked, it must be cooled before the box is closed so that the product core is at storage temperature.

3 - Clip the "Tiempo Cap" onto the box to seal the module completely. The storage process can then begin.

4 - Oxygen and carbon dioxide levels must be measured regularly to monitor the storage conditions. This is done with the "Tiempo Test" device. The results are noted in the monitoring table.

5 - The time of product storage in a controlled atmosphere varies according to varieties and successful completion of the previous stages.

6 - Before marketing, a re-adaptation phase is necessary for the product. The "Tiempo Cap" must be opened the day before sale, in the storage cold room.

Principles of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) with Janny MT modules, Stages of use.

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